Saturday, June 2, 2007

Full Time RV-ing--Not for everyone.....

But absolutely for us!

As I sit listening to the meadowlarks and other song birds serenading us out on the prairie, and watch the winds sway the tall grasses to an unspoken melody, I know that we made the right decision to go full-time! How else could we have the time to fully enjoy the splendid scenery and history that is our United States?

In our 40+ hour work week lives, we didn't have more than a few weeks vacation and it was never enough! We'd be back to Monday and the grind again before we knew it!

We've been married for 15 years, have spent the past 4 plus years together 24/7 in our rig. This life style isn't for everybody, but there is a growing percentage of Americans that have decided to trade "time" for the "things & stuff" of "normal" day to day existence. Off the grid, but not out of the loop.

With our satellite internet, solar panels, inverter and some sunshine we are as connected as we want to be with the outside world. And the natural world is just outside my window!

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

RV Camping over Memorial Day Weekend!

Ahhhh, Memorial Weekend! The "traditional" beginning of summer.....pools are opening, people are digging out the fishing tackle, and shaking out the camping equipment.

Most people decide it's a good weekend to "head for the hills" here in Colorado. For many of them, this may be the first and only weekend they camp all year!!! May seems just a bit too early for camping in the high country and this past weekend was no exception with snow levels around 7500 feet.

We opted for the lower elevation start to the summer in the Comanche National Grasslands in Southeastern Colorado, near La Junta. We were with family and friends that had been planning this trip since January, so we were all ready for a fun few days together out on the prairie. The wildflowers are as beautiful as you'll ever see with all the snow on the eastern plains this past winter.

Lots of awesome food and fellowship, campfires and laughs, a trip into Pinon Canyon to see the largest dinosaur track site in North America, and a tour of Bents Old Fort turned our 3 days into a really good time for all of us! We had a blast!!

Did we mention rattlesnakes? Yes, the prairie rattlers are out, and I got to see my brother do a real live impromptu snake dance that would have made Dancing with the Stars proud!

Comanche National Grassland Travelog

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