Tuesday, December 11, 2007

RV Camping, still snowing, and whaddya mean the furnace isn't working?

So, we are STILL stuck in Colorado, and the term STUCK may become more of a noun than a verb pretty soon! We are in a lovely neighborhood, but the fact that it continues to snow might create some more problems for us. We are parked in a friend's backyard, and we're faced toward the gate-prepared to make our escape as soon as the weather breaks! Only thing is, the gate is on the north side and the snow is piling up on the other side of it!

Brian and I did clear the snow from the last snowstorm, and probably should have driven out of here yesterday before the storm moved in. But we had other problems yesterday!

Our furnace doesn't like cold weather, and had been making a noise off and on like a "Viking Horn" for a couple of days. We had heard this noise before, 2 years ago when we also ended up in Colorado and had to use the furnace in extreme cold. But this time it was going to force us to get it fixed since we couldn't use it for heat and the temperature was forcast to be 16 degrees! It wouldn't come on during the night and we woke up to a frozen water pump......not good! It does heat our basement, so crucial to keeping things warm and working!

Brian does a gr8 job of keeping our mobile house rolling, having fixed our generator, solar electric system and inverter, replacing burned out boards in our fridge, splicing new power for our "shore" power, rewiring our never worked since we got Gozer headlights so we can travel at night, should I stop now or keep on listing? I hope you got the idea that Brian is extremely handy and a good trouble shooter, and we could NEVER have spent 5 years on the road otherwise!

He did take a look at the furnace enough to figure out it was the blower moter, but that wasn't something he felt comfortable diving into when it's below freezing. Thanks to the power of the Internet we found a place that would come out to work on our rig! Mile High Mobile RV showed up about 5:30, had all the right tools to dissasemble and reinstall our new blower moter, all in about an hour! Thank God for Charlie!

SO.......here we sit watching it snow.......$240 less bucks in our wallet. If only we were in Arizona, we'd have that $240 and not have to worry about running the heat, never to know we had a problem! Ignorance is bliss!