Monday, December 24, 2007

RV Camping makes their Escape!

FINALLY, the day has arrived! Goodbyes have been said to family and friends and we're off! It's so gr8 to be driving away from Denver and all the traffic, noise, and dirty air!

OOPS....reality check! We are headed for the Flying J truck stop to use their dump station and fill up with propane. The last two months in Colorado have cost us a small fortune in propane between our RV's furnace and the Catalytic heater.

Brian and I always say it's going to be an hour at the Flying J, no matter if it's fueling up, dumping and filling tanks, getting propane, or having the buffet. Today is no exception! I make 3, yes 3! separate trips into the truck stop to stand in line and request propane assistance. I have talked to the manager twice and a stressed out gal once both claiming someone is on his way to help us.

When the propane guy FINALLY shows up, he's not friendly, and now he's going to be overworked too since an additional two motor homes have gotten into the line behind Gozer! AW shucks!

Brian had a dental appointment this morning, which put us some behind in leaving town, and now this! Clock says 12:15 by the time we actually leave the city limits. Our 5 hour drive ahead of us, we keep pushing for our destination. About dark, our dash lights go out.....flickering off and on--we'll just keep up with the traffic and hope we're going about the right speed.

We pull into the town RV park, and a pristine setting with about 4 inches of snow! Our "sled" Gozer does us proud again today, and is almost ready to take a long winters nap. Our traveling days are going to be coming to an end for a while, as we're putting down some roots.