Saturday, October 20, 2007

Customer Service - Different Drums

First off I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the Horton Creek campground camphost site has had the shredded tent removed and the site is neat and tidy. The fee tube has also been emptied. I may have been premature in my comment about the host site as the wind we had last night would certainly change a campsites appearance. Wind gusts to around 90 mph will do that.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and we explored a bit into the Sierra Nevada to Lake Sabrina. SR168 is quite steep as it leaves Bishop and winds into the mountains. There are numerous forest service campgrounds, but we didn't see any campsites that called our name. The campgrounds for the most part are near the road, and are in a narrow valley. Numerous pullouts along the road afford anglers good access to the stream, and fish & wildlife was stocking Lake Sabrina when we arrived. The scenery is pretty good as you can see...

Oops...back on topic. After enjoying the the lovely scenery, we headed into town to get a few supplies, and fill our small 20 lb propane tank that we use for our ventless heater. Getting supplies was no problem, but getting propane turned into a comedy episode from the "Customer Service Files".

First we went to one of the major propane suppliers in town and was told that nobody was available to fill our tank. When asked when someone would be in, the answer was "I can't tell you, whenever someone comes in". You can get propane at place A, B, or C.

We had driven past place B on our way here, and there was a line of RV's waiting for propane, so off to C. Go to C...same story that guy unavailable...guy sick. Go to A...SAME STORY that guy won't be back for a couple hours. Told to go to place D.

Went to place D - Ace Hardware on US 395 in Bishop, was treated kindly and got our propane without any further delay. We had almost the exact same scenario in Mammoth Lakes this summer with people at lunch or their day off. I guess small town business runs to the beat of a different drummer.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RV Camping in Horton Creek Campground

We headed downhill about 30 miles and a couple thousand feet in altitude to settle into BLM's Horton Creek campground located about 10 miles west of Bishop, CA. The campground is situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains with outstanding views in all directions.

This is a typical BLM campground with vault toilets, fire rings, barbeque grates, and picnic tables. There are trash dumpsters near the fee station, and the nightly rate is currently $5. Length of stay limit is 14 days per season. Bishop BLM offers an LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) pass, but it does not include this campground. This campground is seasonally open.

The campsites are all pull-in/back-in with many spaces capable of any size RV including a towed vehicle. The campground road is in terrible shape, and BLM would be better off to scrape off the old asphault and leave the road gravel than leave it the way it is. You will want to try and miss the biggest potholes in the road to avoid pinching a tire if you have a large RV.

We've not seen the campground host, though there is a vehicle in the host position. It's a little disturbing to us that there is a shredded dome tent, as well as a rather unkempt camphost site as we feel camphosts should be setting a good example. The fee station was so full that it would be easy for someone with needle nose pliers to remove several pay envelopes.

We love this campground. The scenery is spectacular, there are only a few campers in the entire campground, we've heard coyote's last two nights, and a herd of 10 deer strolled past our window just a few minutes ago. It's a short hop into Bishop for supplies and laundry, and other than the campground road itself, access is on good asphault roads. There is fishing, hiking trails, and back roads great for exploring with a high clearance vehicle nearby.

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