Saturday, June 23, 2007

RV Camping in Wonderful Wyoming!

After spending two very hot days in Northwestern Nebraska, we decide we need to get some elevation if we're going to survive the heat!

Friday is a FULL day, as Brian has promised (read BRIBED)me breakfast out if I'll get up early so we have cooler temps to travel in. We stop in a little cafe in Hamilton, NE where the waitress is also the cook. All the local's are in having breakfast, coffee and shooting the bull. Everyone has been very friendly in this state and we almost hate to be leaving.

Find a good price on diesel at $2.85 and the drive continues..... The type of travel day I enjoy is typically about 60-100 miles and involves lots of stops and seeing the sights. Today is NOT one of those days!

We arrive in the Shoshone National Forest and see a couple of BLM campgrounds that don't appeal to us. We find a good gravel forest road, pick out a flat spot with lots of opportunities for afternoon shade and settle in. Now this is living!

RV Camping Home

Thursday, June 21, 2007

RV Camping!

No, we're not still stuck at the rest area.....Brian was able to fix our diesel leak (bad hose) and we're many miles up the road!

Spent a peaceful night in the Bridgeport State Recreation Area and wished we had a fishing license! Then one night in the Chadron State Park, scouting a place to camp out in the Nebraska National Forest. The National Forests in this state were all Hand Planted!

This part of Nebraska reminds us a lot of the Colorado Mountains, with lodgepole pine, rolling hills, and a bit more elevation at right around 4,000 feet. A very different area than what we've driven through so far!

People are friendly here and they all wave! Such a nice change from the big city!

RV Camping Home

Monday, June 18, 2007

RV Camping hits the road, or.....the best laid plans!

Today is the day we've been anticipating for several weeks now--the day we get back on the road and return to our nomadic lifestyle! Two months in Colorado has us feeling like we're growing "roots", although we have managed to take a couple nice trips out of civilization during that time.

Driving up the Interstate, a rest area always appeals to me, and I know our dog will appreciate it too! This is a lovely sunny day, and we take a little stroll with Casey, leaving our coach idling to cool down. A strange feeling of deja' vu comes over me as I see diesel fuel cascading out of the engine compartment. Our Jeep has had another diesel "bath" and we've got a mess to contend with.

Ahh never know just where it'll take you....or leave you!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hats off to Dad!

Today is Father's Day, and folks around the US will honor Dad in various ways. Of course the customary BBQ will be in order for us later this afternoon, and a couple of beers will be on the menu too!

I want to thank my Dad for taking me camping, fishing, duck hunting, target shooting, etc....yes, I was a girl but I appreciated all the time we spent together outdoors! If not for all the earth oriented activities, I may not have grown up with such an appreciation for this amazing planet we inhabit. Without knowing it then, Dad was shaping my future in a very important way!

Thanks Dad! And Happy Father's Day to all the "outstanding-in-their-fields" Dad's out there!