Monday, June 18, 2007

RV Camping hits the road, or.....the best laid plans!

Today is the day we've been anticipating for several weeks now--the day we get back on the road and return to our nomadic lifestyle! Two months in Colorado has us feeling like we're growing "roots", although we have managed to take a couple nice trips out of civilization during that time.

Driving up the Interstate, a rest area always appeals to me, and I know our dog will appreciate it too! This is a lovely sunny day, and we take a little stroll with Casey, leaving our coach idling to cool down. A strange feeling of deja' vu comes over me as I see diesel fuel cascading out of the engine compartment. Our Jeep has had another diesel "bath" and we've got a mess to contend with.

Ahh never know just where it'll take you....or leave you!

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