Friday, June 8, 2007

RV Camping does 24 degrees!

One of the chillier nights we've had in our motor home while boondocking! Denver set records for their overnight low temperature, and we had cold temps in the mountains too. Isn't it June? But having seen it snow on the 4th of July I guess we don't have any reason to question the weather.

The frost provides an intense view of the frozen grasses reflecting the morning sunlight in diamond-like sparkles from the entire color spectrum. Sights like this make me glad we have a dog that needs to go out bright and early! The coyotes are complaining loudly about the cold too, and they're not too far away!

Thank goodness we have an extra heavy quilt to add to the bed or it wouldn't be as much fun to be at 9,400 feet! The sun is out now and it's a lovely day with 64 degrees, the cold snap is over and we are on a warming trend through the weekend.

RV Camping Home

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

RV Camping's current home address.....

Our Campsite - Pike National Forest - Colorado

Over the past 5 years we have had some million dollar views for the price of our tax dollars. We've lived in places that we could NEVER have touched even on our previous salaries! Nor would we have wanted to stay there long term, but the short term worked perfect for us!

For example...
  • Uncompagre National Forest Ouray, CO
  • Mammoth Lakes, CA
  • The Canadian Rockies
  • Sawtooth NRA in Idaho
  • North of Jackson Hole with a spectacular view of the Tetons

just to name a few!

RV Camping Home

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

RV Camping goes to the mountains!

After our two weeks out on the plains of southeastern Colorado, yesterday was moving day! We always say we're going to get an early start, but by the time we: Did Laundry, Bought some donuts at Daylight Donuts (they are REALLY the best!) Dumped and filled our rv tanks, Got Gold, er, I mean Diesel, and did some grocery shopping it was 11:00 am!

Our drive was uneventful, and we are always thankful for that! We found a road that neither of us had been on before so we were in a little bit of an explore mode. It was also the most direct route to our new campsite, and it afforded some awesome views of the high Rockies to the west! We are sharing the National Forest with only one other travel trailer that we've seen.

We had a spectacular thundershower and the rain lulled us to sleep. Such a different environment than where we came from--here the wildflowers are just beginning with the indian paintbrush barely breaking through the soil and the Columbine clusters are only a couple inches tall. The smell of the pine trees is strong and the aspens are leafing out. Temperatures are cooler too, with 39 degrees last night and the possibility of snow tonight....we'll see what tomorrow brings!