Friday, June 8, 2007

RV Camping does 24 degrees!

One of the chillier nights we've had in our motor home while boondocking! Denver set records for their overnight low temperature, and we had cold temps in the mountains too. Isn't it June? But having seen it snow on the 4th of July I guess we don't have any reason to question the weather.

The frost provides an intense view of the frozen grasses reflecting the morning sunlight in diamond-like sparkles from the entire color spectrum. Sights like this make me glad we have a dog that needs to go out bright and early! The coyotes are complaining loudly about the cold too, and they're not too far away!

Thank goodness we have an extra heavy quilt to add to the bed or it wouldn't be as much fun to be at 9,400 feet! The sun is out now and it's a lovely day with 64 degrees, the cold snap is over and we are on a warming trend through the weekend.

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