Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Private Campgrounds

Yesterday we moved from our desert boondock camping site to higher altitude as it is getting HOT in the southwestern deserts. We planned on an early stop in the day to explore for a good boondocking spot, but because we couldn't get into the dump station at the Flying J that we stopped at for fuel, we decided to get an RV park to dump and fill fresh water, and use as an exploration base camp.

We had stayed in the RV park about 3 years ago that we chose to spend last night in since we had enjoyed our previous stay, but things changed a bit since our last visit. If we had checked RVparkreviews.com, we would not have come back! (Look at Ash Fork, AZ)

I never considered that a place could go downhill so much in 3 years. Broken playground equipment, trash and broken glass, and just in a general state of disrepair. We won't be back.

The moral of the story? Even if you have camped at a private campground before, you shouldn't expect the same conditions next time. It's one of those "buyer beware" situations...check reviews of places you want to stay before you make a reservation or just pull in for the night if you can...you may be very glad you did!

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