Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RV Camping Map Volunteers Wanted

Do you like challenge? Love the Internet and finding camping information? Do you like maps? Want to be famous?

We've been working on our Nebraska RV Camping page, and integrating Google Maps. This has been a fun and educational experience, and we want to expand the maps to the entire country. The problem is that this is a slow and time consuming project. Researching a states public lands camping locations and not private property locations such as Wal-Mart, with varying levels of amenities takes a week or more. The goal is to provide a travelers map with links to official information about camping locations.

If you look at the Nebraska Camping Location Map, you will notice different colored markers. Green is free, yellow is $9 and less, and red is $10 and above. All locations are public land camping sites that provide a link to more official Internet information. You can zoom in, zoom out, and pan. Clicking on the markers displayed will provide more information.

We want volunteers willing to create Google Maps similar to what we have developed for Nebraska. (We claim "dibs" on South Dakota) We want to link to state maps from www.rv-camping.org, allowing easy and free access for anyone from a central location. A quick online resource for any state, with graphic representation of locations and links to official information. Only 50 map markers are available per map, so finding locations is limited, and we understand some eastern states have limited opportunities.

Do you have what it takes? Help your fellow RVers develop a useful Internet RV camping resource map ideal for travelers. With enough help, all states could be mapped before the summer travel season, otherwise we'll continue to plod along.

Drop us an email at admin@rv-camping.org.

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