Friday, July 6, 2007

RV Camping Escapes the heat!

After sweltering through the heat wave in Denver for a week, we've finally gotten back to the lifestyle we're designed for at altitude. 101 degrees isn't something you want to spend a lot of time in. At least Colorado has a fairly dry climate so 101 can be tolerated, just not very comfortable day after day.

The aspens are quaking in the slight breeze, the hawks are catching thermals from the valley, and we are enjoyed a beautiful sunshiny day in the high country.

The silence at night is amazing, and the only thing that woke us up was the light of the moon as it rose this morning around 2am. Quite a change from the booming stereos, pop bottle rockets, and inconsiderate neighbors from "town".

Here we can sleep with the windows open, and the night time temperatures of 45 make you put on an extra blanket and huddle up!

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